Angelo Garrido

Tandem Instructor

Angelo had the honor to jump with the recognized skydiving teams such as Soul Flyers and the RedBull Skydive Team.

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Tandem Instructor

With over 1200 jumps, I've been able to gain experience in the many disciplines skydiving has to offer. While I thoroughly enjoy free flying, sky surfing and wing suit flying, being a tandem instructor gives me the opportunity to share my surging passion with others.

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Carlos Caquimbo


I love meeting different people everyday and seeing how happy skydiving makes everyone.

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Abram Hoff

Sky Diving Pilot

Outside of work I have enjoyed time snorkeling, and kayaking in the keys, canoeing in the everglades, and exploring different parts of Miami.

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Demian Klenk


6800+ jumps
1000-1250 jumps per year
Started jumping 1996

My favorite place to skydive is the Thai Sky festival, Parchup Air force base Thailand.

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Imre Bucsanyi


I'm from Hungary and I have been skydiving since 2002. I have jumped all over Europe and all around The United States. I have over 5,500 jumps, 1,400 fun jumps and 4,100 tandem jumps.

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Kevin Garrido


People come into the Skydiving Center ready to skydive and I help in making that happen. I get to interact with people buckle them up into their harness and train them on what they need to do in order to go skydiving.

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Raul Garcia

Video Editor

I like to work for Miami skydiving Center because of their amazing work ethic. It's a very fun working environment, and I get to see people have the experience of a life time.

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