Imre Bucsanyi

Tandem Skydive Instructor

My name is Imre Bucsanyi! I'm from Hungary and I have been skydiving since 2002.

I have jumped all over Europe and all around The United States.

I have over 5,500 jumps, 1,400 fun jumps and 4,100 tandem jumps.

I have been with Miami Skydiving Center since 2008. I like working here because the employees here are diverse and the people I meet are from all over the world. Every year I average about 1,100 jumps.

My favorite skydiving location is in Spain because there are a lot of great and experienced skydivers.

My favorite skydiving activity is the free flying; I used to be in a four way team.

The biggest formation I have ever done has been a ten way team! That's a lot of people in the air!

I like to instruct people skydiving because I love to help others experience skydiving at its highest potential. I like for the people who I go skydiving with to have the best experience possible.

Miami Skydiving center has one of the nicest drop zones in Miami because the divers get to see all of Florida and the keys. The local area is also very friendly and the food is awesome! Here at the Miami Skydiving center we have a great team of fun, positive and energetic people who make the experience 100x better than anywhere else!

My hobby other than skydiving is snowboarding; I go to Colorado every year because I enjoy it so much.

Miami is also a fun area to skydive and just be at in general. There are so many things I do here. I love to go snorkeling, to the beach, I love to parasail and also the people are great.

In Miami there are people from all over the world who come to enjoy the sun, beaches and skydiving!

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