Kevin Garrido


I can feel the static in the air, emotions and feelings running wild. I am sitting in the office looking out at the people overjoyed with just the thought of going skydiving. Electricity fills the air and I know that they are truly excited and anxious to go on this life changing journey.

One of the many reasons I like working at the Skydiving Center is that I am able to assist people on a life changing experience. People come into the Skydiving Center ready to skydive and I help in making that happen. I get to interact with people buckle them up into their harness and train them on what they need to do in order to go skydiving.

The team consists of 2 skydivers, Imre and Demain. They are both very knowledgeable jumpers they have so much experience and are so humble. They make the skydiving experience 100x better just with their mastery of the art and character.

I began working at the Skydiving Center around the month of March 2012; so far it has been a life changing experience! I love working with the team because we all get along so well and help customers in having the best experience.

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