Angelo Garrido

Tandem Skydive Instructor

Angelo Garrido is one of our Tandem Masters here at Miami Skydiving Center.

After his first jump in 2008, he got involved in the skydiving world and that's when his passion for skydive started.
Besides jumping at our Miami DZ (Drop Zone) , he has jumped around the U.S, including different DZ around Florida, Michigan and Virginia.

Angelo had the honor to jump with the recognized skydiving teams such as Soul Flyers and the RedBull Skydive Team.

One of his favorite skydiving disciplines are Free Flying & Tracking.

His biggest skydiving formation its been a 22-way tracking dive.

His yearly average jumps its 800 and his maximum daily jumps has been 19 times.

Besides the crazy skydiving world he is pretty passionate about music. He spends the rest of the day playing different instruments but mainly the drums, and had the privilege to perform with well recognized artist in the spanish market such as Elvis Crespo, Fanny Lu, Angel & Kris etc..

Angelo said that theres no better feeling like being able to share your passion with others. And what other better way than taking people on a tandem, which is the easiest and safest way, while we take care of all the work. After a just few minutes of training, going up in the plane and taking them on a mind blowing adventure and giving the chance to experience what skydiving really is.

Angelo also said: Honestly something customers ask me all the time before jumping is, How does it feel?.. I say: You cant describe it, until you do it! After the jump EVERYONE totally agrees. Don't wait any longer and come skydive with us!

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