Tandem Skydive Instructor

I started skydiving as soon as I was legally allowed to, the day of my 18th birthday. After a three year leave, the sky called me back to share its beauty with others in the form of tandem instruction.

With over 1200 jumps, I've been able to gain experience in the many disciplines skydiving has to offer. While I thoroughly enjoy free flying, sky surfing and wing suit flying, being a tandem instructor gives me the opportunity to share my surging passion with others.

The Miami Skydiving Center's location and lower costs allow more people access to making their first-time skydive in a safety regulated environment. This commitment to safety allows me to skydive with confidence, knowing I will make it home to my beautiful girlfriend every night.

When not skydiving, I enjoy climbing at X-treme Rock Climbing (located across the street from the airport) and eating with friends at Keg South. I also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the breathtaking coral reefs of South Florida that are a mere 45 minute drive from the drop zone.

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