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"Loved it! Lots of fun, and this just started my skydiving adventures! WARNING-- Highly addictive, you will want to go back again and again." --Google user

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Photo of David D.

David D.
Fort Lauderdale, FL


This place was FUN. They didn't beat us over the head with the 'bearded man' video or make us sign a mountain of paper work. Sure, we sign our names a few times and initialed a bunch of times. But compared to the three other places I've gone, it was minimal.

The jump was awesome. Granted, we had perfect weather, but the instructor really makes or breaks the experience. Imi (sp?) is DA MAN. Normally, things can get boring once the chute is pulled. Sure it's scenic, but that gets old quick. I got to use my 5-7 mins to the max by 'steering' us into spins that reminded me of hang gliding.

If you honestly enjoy skydiving, or want a COMPLETE first experience, this is the place to go.

Photo of Yuko A.

Yuka A.
Honolulu, HI


...A couple words of advice

  1. Wear sneakers
  2. Wear pants
  3. Eat at least 3 hours before...
  4. If you are going to get pictures, bring cash its $10 less.
  5. Have fun!

Photo of Ikam A.

Ikam A.
Miami Beach, FL


This was a phenomenal experience from beginning to end. The girl on the phone (April?) was so bubbly, she made me super excited (as opposed to terrified) every time I talked to her. The lesson before the jump was short and sweet, and the instructors were really nice. The experience was truly amazing, and I would go again in a heartbeat. I jumped with Mark (from Arizona).

Photo of Chris F.

Chris F.
Fort Lauderdale, FL


I just got back from my first sky diving experience and I'm still pumped! I decided, well, was initially talked into sky diving, by my friend for my upcoming 30th birthday. I figured why not. After worrying a bit before the big jump, I decided it was now or never.

My instructor, Dimitri, was awesome! He did the usual joking around that it was his 3rd time jumping, but after we got in the plane I found out he'd been doing it for quite a while. He explained everything to me and before I knew it, after 3 flips during the free fall and a peaceful ride back down to the ground, I loved it!

I'll definitely go again, and would pair up with Dimitri again. The view, the ride, the feeling of true freedom if only for a little while... it was awesome!!

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