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IAF Program
Learn to Skydive

Skydive Miami provides IAF (Instructor Assisted Freefall) program to train individuals who wish to become licensed solo skydivers. The USPA certified IAF program requires students to complete 8 categories (A-H) training courses in total of 25 jumps for “A” license. The IAF program starts with 3 Tandem jumps.

Before your first jump you will receive a 6-hour ground training course. If weather permits, you will then jump wearing your own gear with two USPA certified AFF instructors, one on each side holding onto your harness. After the parachute opens you will fly and land by yourself with instructions over radio. As you progress, you will acquire additional freefall and canopy flying skills. For each category of the IAF program, you will be required to demonstrate competency for certain skills before progressing to the next level. 

* Note:     All AFF / IAF students will be jumping at Homestead location


IAF Program Price Sheet

IAF SDM Pricing.png

Jump Ticket and Gear Rental Price Sheet for Fun Jumpers

IAF SDM FunJumper_edited.png
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