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Don’t wait to jump!

With a VIP Add-on, you will have a quick-service check in and your package includes:

■  Free bottled water and snacks

■  Free Skydive T-shirt

■  After your jump, you can wait for your
     video to play on the tv

■  Coupon for $10 off  Video ($10 value)

■  VIP Lounge (when not privately booked)

■  Priority Check-in (Priceless)

■  Guaranteed 1st flight (Priceless)

VIP service includes a lot, but our Instructors give the same amazing skydive service to everyone. 

VIP Group Experience Deals


Utilize our VIP room to have an exclusive experience at our Miami Homestead location. 

  • Purchase the VIP tandem experience for each person in your group and get the VIP experience at the Miami Homestead location including the use of our VIP room for extra and comfortable privacy during your experience. 

  • Can be used for special events and occasions.

  • The price is for $200 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per booking. 

  • A special concierge who will be guiding you all throughout your experience. 

  • Get a free t-shirt for up to 4 people per hour booked. 

  • Can be booked for up to 8 people. More than 8 people, are required to book for an hour for every extra number of people in increments of 4.

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