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Skydiving Prices in Miami

The rates shown below are skydiving prices in Miami for Skydive School.

We love kids. If you bring children with you, they must be under direct adult supervision at all times. We also love dogs but for safety reasons we do not allow pets at the airport.

Tandem Skydive Jump

BOOK BY PHONE: $299 with credit card for one person; $249 CASH
BOOK ONLINE (same as cash): $249 per person

Weekday Discount--
Tandem Skydiving Rates

BOOK BY PHONE: $229 per person; $219 CASH
BOOK ONLINE (same as cash): $219 per person

Video and Photo Pricing

RVT VIDEO: $99 with credit card
RVT VIDEO: $89 cash ($10 discount)
SKYDIVE PHOTO: $99 with credit card
SKYDIVE PHOTO: $89 cash ($10 discount)

Discount for Students and Military

VIDEO DISCOUNT: $79 (cash or credit card) – a $20 discount!

Priority Jumper Upgrade: $100

With a Priority Jumper spot, you can confirm your choice of jump location in advance, have a quick-service check in and your package includes:

  • Choose and confirm jump location.  

  • Free T-shirt (or upgrade, $30 value)

  • Coupon for $10 off  Video ($10 value)

  • Priority Check-in (Priceless)

  • Guaranteed 1st flight (Priceless)

Package for faster service at check-in and first flight of your time-spot with merchandise. It does not buy you a better service with the instructors you hire or on the jump in general.  We give the same amazing personalized service to everyone!

Important Info for Your Skydiving Experience:

Weight Limit: There is an extra charge if you are over 200 pounds. The skydiving weight limit is 240 pounds, but call to inquire if you are over 240 pounds. The weight limit includes all clothing you intend to wear on your jump and is measured with our scale.

Jump Location:  All tandem jumps are done at the Miami Executive Airport or at the Miami Homestead General Aviation Airport.  Both are fantastic locations to jump, each with unique freefall views of South Florida.  If you want to ensure that you are going to jump with our Executive Service at the Miami Executive Airport, please visit our sister site at, or purchase our VIP Priority Jumper service. If you want to ensure that you jump at the Miami Homestead General Aviation Airport, please visit

Deposit and Gear Rental: When you make a reservation, you will pay a $75 deposit.  This deposit will count as your gear rental and it will be deducted from the listed price that you owe when you arrive at the dropzone.  Our no stress policy lets you get a refund for your deposit/gear rental if you change or cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before your scheduled jump.  But please note, a $25 administrative fee per jumper applies to all refund requests. 

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